Inviting Applications from AgriEntrepreneurs across Manipur

MaolKeki Foundation is very pleased to announce the launch of the state-wide AgriEntrepreneur Selection and Development Program. MaolKeki Foundation (MKF) has been developing multiple AgriEntrepreneurs in Manipur with the support of Anaha Trust, Sattva Consulting, Agri Entrepreneur Growth Foundation (AEGF) and NABARD. MKF is now extending this opportunity to all AgriEntrepreneurs in Manipur who have great ideas or are looking for support to scale up existing businesses.ghdkjfjhvjkdfhvdfkfdhkjkfdhkjhdkjfjh


MaolKeki Memorial Scholarship at St. Stephen’s College

MaolKeki Memorial Scholarship at St. Stephen’s College. The annual cash scholarship is awarded to a Manipuri student studying at St.Stephen’s College, Delhi, who has demonstrated excellent academic performance, integration, and immersion into college life by participating in various extracurricular activities, however, has limited financial means to support his or her education.


One District One Crop: A study on Crop Value Chain in Manipur

MaolKeki Foundation is pleased to make a soft copy of the recently released Value Chain Study report available for those interested in downloading and reading it. We hope you will find the report of immense interest and use it in your own work to build further on its findings. If you see an opportunity to collaborate further to deepen the study or expand into new areas we have not covered, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can download here and please reach out to us via contact@maolkekifoundation.org


Our Impact


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MaolKeki Foundation is a pioneering organization established with the purpose of catalysing positive development in Manipur, India. It achieves this purpose by designing and implementing socially impactful initiatives in agriculture, education and healthcare through strategic partnerships, grants and direct investments. Our belief is that no one party can solve society’s challenges however, if we come together and create an ecosystem to share our knowledge, skills, resources and energy, much can be achieved collectively.