Field Nurse, MaolKeki Foundation


Job Title: Field Nurse Location: Kwasiphai-Potsangbam-Toubokpi 
Contract: One year

As part of our vision to combine last mile agriculture and health, MaolKeki Foundation is looking for a Field Nurse.

Description of role:

1. Conduct door-to-door health assessment of farmers and their families living in the targeted villages – reach at least 2,500 individuals
2. Carry out basic health checks such as blood pressure, eye test, Body Mass Index calculation, pulse checks and provide basic healthcare guidance
3. Identify individuals with serious health issues for further referral to the local district or city hospital
4. File daily, live, reports of all activities using a Smartphone application to enable transparent Monitoring & Evaluation
5. Provide regular updates to the MaolKeki Foundation project team
6. Engage with the local public health team, wherever possible
7. Be part of Farmer Demo and Field Days
8. It is also expected that, during this pilot, other responsibilities may be identified


1. The qualified candidate must possess a Diploma in Nursing from a recognized institute or university.
2. The qualified candidate must be registered with State Nursing or Indian Nursing Council.
3. The qualified candidate must have experience of working in rural communities with remotely located patients.
4. She/ He should be willing to travel in and around the project areas, engage with smallholder farmers by local conveyance or two-wheeler.
5. The qualified candidate must have a valid two-wheeler license.
6. The person must be self-motivated and willing to work in a developing, unstructured, environment with a problem-solving attitude.
7. Strong relationship and communication skills.
8. This project demands fluency in Manipuri while knowledge of English or other local languages is a plus.
9. Basic Computer skills is a must.

Candidate will be provided a basic health assessment kit, scooter to facilitate movement and commensurate salary and allowances to cover health insurance and miscellaneous expenses.

Please send your CV to with the subject as “Field Nurse” by 28th December 2020.