MaolKeki Foundation and Anaha Trust sign MoU


Earlier this week, MaolKeki Foundation (MKF) and Anaha Trust signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further develop the fresh vegetables value chain in Manipur. The initiative, coined Veg-in-a-Basket (ViB), will enable the commercial-scale implementation of a pilot project that MKF has been running for over a year. 

The funding from Anaha Trust, facilitated by Sattva Media & Consulting Pvt. Ltd., will support the expansion of the pilot to cover more trusted farmers in rural areas of Bishnupur District to grow and supply fresh vegetables directly to urban consumers in Imphal. In doing so, our ViB AgriEntrepreneurs are addressing a few key challenges:

  • Farmers not getting value for their hard labour in producing good quality vegetables
  • Busy urban consumers not having the time to shop for fresh vegetables and being suspicious of chemical overuse on crops
  • Extremely volatile pricing with unreliable supply chains, and finally
  • Traceability enabling consumers to put names and faces to the growers producing their food

Commenting on the signing, Dr. Shachi Gurumayum, a trustee of MaolKeki Foundation, said, “The MoU is the result of a nearly year-long process during which Sattva and Anaha Trust diligently assessed the ViB concept and pilot that team MKF had initiated in Manipur. ViB has a positive impact on farmers as well as consumers, and it addresses the key need for transparency and efficiency in our food supply chains. This helps to reduce waste and shortages as we have experienced during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We will ensure this partnership is a win-win for all and goes from strength to strength.”

Mr. C. Bala, founder of Anaha Trust, said, “I’m glad the support by Anaha Trust to this program of MaolKeki Foundation will start shortly. I look forward to the program helping rural households in Bishnupur to increase their incomes and livelihoods. My wife and I hope to visit Manipur when the lockdown restrictions are removed so that we can visit the households that benefit from this program.”

With the MoU in place, it is time for the AgriEntrepreneurs to mobilize resources and commence their commercial scale up. In the months and years to come, the partnership will be highlighting the achievements and impact of this program.


About Anaha Trust


The Anaha Trust, based in Bangalore, Karnataka, is run by Mr. Chandrasekhar Balagopal with his wife Mrs. Vinita Nambiar. Anaha supports various social projects in India across states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Manipur. Mr. Balagopal was once posted as a young Indian Administrative Service officer in Manipur - an experience he encapsulated in his book entitled, “On a clear day you can see India” - before becoming a medical devices entrepreneur and philanthropist. For more info on Anaha Trust, visit


About MaolKeki Foundation


MaolKeki Foundation is a pioneering organization established with the purpose of catalysing positive development in Manipur, India, primarily in the areas of agriculture, education and healthcare. It is registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, and more information can be found at