MaolKeki Foundation appoints a Junior Agronomist in Chandel District

MaolKeki Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Ng. Vikram Moyon as a Junior Agronomist based in Chandel. Vikram has a BSc (2015) and MSc (2017) in Forestry from HNB Garhwal University in Uttarakhand, and has previously worked on an integrated watershed management programme, monitored immunization for the WHO, and had research training at the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun.

The state of Manipur is divided into multiple districts in the valley as well as in the hill ranges surrounding the valley. Though MaolKeki Foundation has had recipients of its annual MKF Memorial Scholarship at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, from Chandel and Churachandpur districts, this is the first time we have established a solid footprint outside of the valley. Vikram will be driving this by establishing a network of Lead Farmers in Chandel District who will grow various crops to demonstrate Good Agricultural Practices and help to train and empower other farmers in their localities. Vikram, who also manages a small banana plantation, will be working towards establishing a pilot agroforestry model plot in the district too.

Vikram is driven by a desire to work for his community, and enjoys sports, travelling, hiking and gardening is his spare time. We are delighted to have Vikram join us and look forward to engaging with even more farmers around Manipur.


The team also used the opportunity to tour the various AE farms and project sites. It was a very early start to manage within the existing Covid-19 curfew times but a highly rewarding and worthwhile day for the MaolKeki Foundation team and our blooming network of AgriEntrepreneurs.