Training of Newly Registered AgriEntrepreneurs (AE's)

With the easing of restrictions in Manipur, members of Team MaolKeki Foundation from various parts of Manipur were able to get together and make a trip to Bishnupur District to organize a training of the newly registered AgriEntrepreneurs (AEs). A range of topics were covered including basic accounting for an agribusiness, developing a business model and plan, accessing finance for the projects from banks and donors, as well as sharing learnings from AEs who have already put together their plans. Particularly useful was the experience sharing from the Veg-in-a-Basket (ViB) farm-fresh vegetables delivery business which MaolKeki Foundation piloted late last year and will be benefiting from a significant seed funding in the coming days as it takes wings to become a fully-fledged commercial business. ViB entrepreneurs Surjeet and Rajina shared their experience of the pilot phase, developing their business plan, lessons learnt, undergoing due diligence and their happiness in seeing a concept born out of wanting to help farmers slowly turn into an impactful agribusiness.


The team also used the opportunity to tour the various AE farms and project sites. It was a very early start to manage within the existing Covid-19 curfew times but a highly rewarding and worthwhile day for the MaolKeki Foundation team and our blooming network of AgriEntrepreneurs.