Board Advisors

MaolKeki Foundation recognises that bringing about change requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders involved and the best advisors can make a significant difference in accelerating success. The Foundation is fortunate enough to have a network of advisors who are global experts in their respective fields:

Ms. Bernadette Peterhans

Bernadette Peterhans is the Head of Professional Postgraduate Training at the Swiss TPH Basel. Bernadette is a trained nurse specialized in emergency care with an MSc in Public Health for Developing Countries and has spent a career in the healthcare sector focusing on community based healthcare in conflict/ post-conflict countries. Since 1995, Bernadette has been a course coordinator, senior project leader, teacher and mentor to many in the healthcare sector taking on the role of Unit Head in 2016. She has also been on expert missions for the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Swiss Red Cross, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SolidarMed, Fairmed and the University Hospital in Basel mainly in the areas of health systems assessments and project planning / evaluation for community based health care with a special focus on primary health care in fragile States and health in detention in a range of countries like Afghanistan, Eritrea, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan and Tanzania. Bernadette also sits on the Board of Medicus Mundi and R. Geigy Foundation.

Ms. Peggy Grueninger

Peggy grew up in South Africa and trained as a nurse and midwife. Over the decades, Peggy worked in both South Africa and Switzerland and held senior positions in clinical trials and operations before transitioning to her current role as Head of Corporate Donations and Philanthropy at Roche. Peggy has been a regular part of the discussions in the formative years of the MaolKeki Foundation and continues to inspire us to challenge ourselves, do better and make a greater impact.

Dr. Marco Ferroni 

Marco is a highly experienced expert who has a doctorate in agricultural economics and has worked in multiple organizations and regions. He formerly led Syngenta Foundation, a global agriculture-focused philanthropic organization, and currently chairs CGIAR, an international agricultural research consortium. As a mentor and advisor to Dr. Shachi for over a decade, he helped shape the strategic thinking behind the MaolKeki Foundation.