About Us

MaolKeki Foundation works in three core areas within which we undertake various initiatives:

  • Agriculture: Our main focus is in the field of agriculture. We work with farmers in remote parts of Manipur, conduct value chain studies that are relevant to agriculture, encourage and support AgriEntrepreneurs, and may other activities related to the field of agriculture.


  • Education: Our work with farmers is also about training and educating them on Good Agricultural Practices, on modern farming technologies and techniques, as well as in accessing the latest information in the field of agriculture. However, we also support education in the traditional sense by providing an annual scholarship at St. Stephen's College. We are also seeking partners to support the education of underpriviledged children.


  • Healthcare: In the rural areas where our activities are, farmers and their family members have limited access to primary heathcare. Our nurse therefore provides last-mile door-to-door health assessments and you can learn more about the work under the individual sections.