Last-Mile Agripreneurship and Healthcare:

MaolKeki Foundation launched an agricultural entrepreneurship program to support agripreneurs in Manipur in partnership with Syngenta Foundation India. Following due diligence visits in February 2018, the partnership was formally launched through various info sessions, including basic health checks, with tomato farmers in July 2018. Lead farmers and communities were continuously engaged throughout the tomato cropping season and, in October and November 2018, we organized a series of Tomato Harvest Demo Days in which farmers could learn more about the achievements of the Lead Farmers as well as receive healthcare services from nurses and doctors present during the demos. You can read more on this here.

Educational Scholarship:

One of the Foundation’s first initiatives was the launch of the annual MaolKeki Memorial Scholarship that supports academically bright students from Manipur with demonstrated financial needs studying at St. Stephen’s College, one of India’s finest educational institutes. The students must also withhold the ethos of the College and show active participation in extra-curricular activities.

The scholarship was signed off by Principal Varghese on the 21st of February 2018 and to learn more about the first recipient, please visit the News page.

Agricultural Market Intelligence:

The Foundation conducted a market intelligence study of key agricultural products and farmer practices in Manipur. The map below highlights the locations of farmer interactions (blue dots) and market study sites (purple trolleys).