MaolKeki Foundation is a vision come to life for its founder, Dr. Shachi Gurumayum Sharma, who instituted the organization to honour the memory of his late grandparents. Shachi grew up in the height of the insurgency movement in Manipur and personally lived through many of the challenges in Manipur, whether it be related to health, food insecurity or lack of educational infrastructure. These are the primary areas that the MaolKeki Foundation and its partners are addressing.

MaolKeki Foundation is a way of giving back to society what Shachi has gained through his years of education and employment in various institutions and organisations in multiple countries around the world. It aims to generate sustainable positive impact through targeted initiatives and partnerships. Shachi was also instrumental in founding the European Manipuri Association (EMA) in 2001 and has remained a major personal contributor over the years to EMA and other worthy causes around the world. He also volunteered for OXFAM for two years supporting its merchandising and fund-raising activities.

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