Syngenta Foundation and MaolKeki Foundation celebrate two years of partnership supporting farmers in Manipur

Delhi/ Imphal, Dec. 20, 2019 – Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA), a leading agricultural foundation, and MaolKeki Foundation (MKF), an organization supporting smallholder farmers in Manipur, recently celebrated two years of partnership.

SFSA has been working with MKF since it was established two years ago, and has supported the training of MKF staff on modern agronomic practices, the establishment of a soil laboratory as well as in defining new projects intended to help farmers grow better crops and access markets more efficiently.

Dr. Baskar Reddy, Country Director, India travelled to the three villages in Manipur where MKF has been operational for the last two years. In these villages, MKF trained over 1,000 farmers through various demo days, info sessions and financial literacy campaigns in partnership with key organizations like the Reserve Bank of India and the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. Dr. Reddy visited some of the lead farmers’ fields, toured the Leibak Leihao Labs soil laboratory established by MKF and had an interactive session with various lead farmers and their network of farmers.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Reddy said, “This is the first project for the foundation in the north-east and we are fortunate to have a dedicated partner like MKF to work in Manipur. The progress that MKF has made in this short span of time is truly incredible. We are confident that we will be able to introduce the agri-entrepreneurship model in Manipur and bring significant benefits to smallholder farmers”. Dr. Shachi Gurumayum, founder of MKF, added, “Syngenta Foundation has been instrumental in our growth and MKF would not have had the same level of impact if not for the unwavering support of SFSA. As we expand into new villages and crops, as well as intensify our activities in the existing villages, we look forward to an even stronger partnership.”

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About MaolKeki Foundation

MaolKeki Foundation is a pioneering organization established with the purpose of catalysing positive development in Manipur primarily in the areas of agriculture, education and healthcare. Besides providing farmers with training on Good Agricultural Practices, our field nurse carries out last mile health assessments of the farmers and their families. It is MKF’s mission to help farmers overcome the common ailments of inadequate last mile services across both agriculture and healthcare. The Foundation also supports an academically bright student from Manipur with proven financial needs through the annual MaolKeki Memorial Scholarship in partnership with St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. For more info, visit

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